Mar 13

Skeuomorphism vs Flat design

Definitely check this essay out: Flat Pixels

It is a post by Sascha Greif about skeuomorphism vs flat design.

Apr 12

Cluj Napoca / Klausenburg a great city for business

Cluj Napoca has many names, Claudiopolis, Klausenburg, Kolozsvár, but they all represent a great city and a multicultural hub where an immense growth is happening. It is an early age to compare it to Silicon Valley, but it has a great potential to have an influence on the world.

Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj Napoca has the largest student base in the country, even larger as Bucharest. Well prepared people with both technical and foreign language skills are looking every year for new job opportunities.

Over the past years, Cluj Napoca has grown not only as an outsourcing hub, but also as a base for entrepreneurs. The best example for this is a startup called Summify that was recently acquired by twitter.

Here are some other reasons to do business in Cluj Napoca:

  • proximity to the major client bases
  • low corporate taxation policies
  • low-cost labour force
  • 11 universities in the city
  • people with multiple language skills
  • good infrastructure

Want to know more, watch the next video and check out the success stories for doing businesses in Cluj Napoca.

Feb 12

The cycle of life

The cycle of life often called the circles of life or the stages of life, are very common for all the people. Every moment in life has it’s purpose and to evolve one should experience that moment consciously and learn from it. Often things or moments in life tend to repeat themselves at a very specific given time. Then it is the time to recognize it and apply the hard earned knowledge to control the outcome and be in the position you want to be.

Dec 11

Mini mal advertising

One more good and simple ad. For the record, I don’t dig mini cars.

Dec 11

Changes are hard

I haven’t written in a few months and the first question that comes up in my mind is why? The generic answer is that i didn’t have time. Actually, there were happening some major changes in my life, some of them which i am very proud of. I have finished my academical studies, for now. Instead of exhaustion I felt that I need to do more and within 4 months I have changed my job, moved to another city, bought a new car and switched completely to OS X. It’s like a snowball effect, once you get into the game you feel that you need to do more and more.

Ok, then what is the catch for the title of this post? Changes are really hard, they are, they throw you out of your comfort zone and force you to take new decisions that you have never taught you would need to take in the near future, they force you to see something else, or at least to see things from another angle. But this process is hard and painful. At some point you may seem very confused and think that things may not come out good in the end, but then something strange happens, you start to see another path, things that you took as undoubtable facts are questioned, rethought and rewritten.

Being again in the posture of a newcomer is great, having to choose a new place to live, a new lifestyle, a new daily routine force you to think about even the simplest decisions like: where would I shop for groceries today? I don’t know about you, but when I hear this, numbers start to flow through my head, simple calculations and analysis are going on.

Changes attract a lot of unknowns in your life, a lot of things that you are uncertain of, a lot of things that need to be adapted to fit your needs and expectations.


Jul 11

Beautiful art made of junk

In the spirit of the aesthetics of ugliness the washed up photo series is a great example of beautiful art made out of junk. I can only send my congratulations for this great idea to Alejandro Durán.

Junk at sunse

Washed by the sea

More here.

Apr 11

Go slow

Life is beautiful, why waste it… Go Slow, enjoy every millisecond, be aware how lucky you are to be in this moment.

Video by Jerome Duran

Mar 11

A blip

Some of us had it, and some of us didn’t, but living a story like this is amazing. Excellent storytelling and realization.

Mar 11

Pixar behind the scenes

I was always curious how the most creative people in the world are working. Here is a short video from the pixar campus just outside San Francisco. Thank you New York Times.

Video: vimeo.com/19789693

Related Article: nyti.ms/​g4LEc4

Jan 11

Barilla – Beautiful advertising

Clean, simple and effective Ad from Barilla Pasta. Awesome work.
Barilla New Year Advertising