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Dec 10

Important Players in Romanian Webdesign

For my final post this year I will list the most important webdesign players in Romania according to me.
Romania is an emerging power in the webdesign world. Lately more and more Romanian people got known in the webdesign industry through various international websites and social media.


He is one of the first active webdesigners in Romania that I have heard of and surely he is also one of the best. Currently he is in charge of the creative stuff over at MB Dragan Agency from Bucharest. In his free time he takes beautiful photos and flirts with his Maschine.

Alex Buga Website


Braintutitive is a web agency base in Cluj Napoca, and I am very proud to say this. They have gathered, staring with 2007, the most creative people around and build what is now a successful agency that does webdevelopment, advertising and online marketing. What I like the most about them is that they pay attention to every pixel.

Braintuitive Web Agency


Baritchi is a very well known interactive agency based in Bucharest. What I appreciate the most about their design is that they keep things simple and use whitespace very well. Most of the websites designed by them are clean, simple and center based.

Bartichi Interactive Agency

I’m sure that there are other strong people / agencys in the Romanian webdesign industry that I have not heard of. If you read this and would like to get known through this website, just say hello to: