Product Design

Nov 10

The story of electronics

I really appreciate that Annie Leonard is trying to make us more conscious about our possessions, about marketing strategies and consumer markets. Thank you Annie.

Concepts that are present in this video:

  • design for the dump
  • modularity
  • take back law
  • use of chemicals
  • recycling
  • e-waste
  • design to last

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May 10

Top 5 Simple Desks showcase

I am crazy about simple and effective design and when it comes to desks these are my top 5 picks.

1. Milk Desk

Full View of Milk Desk

Cable management by Milk Desk

Cable Exist by Milk Desk

Milk Desk Up Down Control

2. Signalement Desk

Front Singnalment Desk

Top Signalment Desk

3. Novanta Desk

Front View of Novanta

Novanta Desk Perspective

Back View Novanta Desk

4. One Less Desk

OneLessDesk Nested Location

OneLessDesk Location

OneLessDesk Hidden Shelf

5. iDesk

iDesk Monitor

iDesk near window

May 10

Modern door lock design

Have you ever struggled to put the key into the door lock in poor light conditions? Now with the help of the designer Junjie Zhang this action can be simplified very much. The new V-Shaped door lock has a channel that guides the key straight into the lock without any hassle. I’m very curious how much will this kind of lock last, due to the friction that is involved when inserting the key. A good alternative to this system is the door handle with led, that lights the key hole with a press of a button.

This simple and effective design improves the functionality of the old door lock.

Some pictures of the V-Shape modern door lock below:

V-Shape Door Lock

V-Shape Door Lock Diagram