Jan 14

Madalina Ghenea in all her beauty

Madalina Ghenea in all her beauty on the cover of The One Magazine in 2012.

Aug 10

Degradation – The aesthetics of ugliness

We, humans are subject of change. Every breath we take, every step we make (or not) changes somethings within us. Our life on this earth is so fragile and limited. For the most of us, degradation, is associated with something negative, but for some that can look in the aesthetics of ugliness, degradation can be beautiful. Degradation can be expressed by change.

The following pictures are take one year apart from another. The subject is the same. We are the subjects…

Last year.

Fresh Sunflower

This year.

Old Sunflower

Jul 10


You… Yes, I’m talking to you. Your are the most powerful transmission tower in the world and the universe listens to you, so you better have great positive thoughts in order to make this world a better place.

Transmission Towers

This image is shot some time ago, in late May. Shot at ISO 100, 24mm, Aperture: F8, Shutter Speed: 1/25.

Lately, I like dark images with a hint of a contrast. What I like the most in this picture is the dark atmosphere, the sens that the darkness takes over, but not totally, there is still a light in the sky. I also like the color temperature of this dark blue. The clouds on the left look like a hand that wants to get together with the other side of the clouds in order to cover the remaining sky and take over any light that is left.

May 10

Ending Emotions

Everybody has emotions. Some of us are aware of our emotions, we can acknowledge them and can be conscious of what we feel. Only in this manner we can fully experience our inner self, by being in the present moment, by observing how our emotions interact with our perceptions.  It is very interesting to observe the human ending emotion. What do they feel when something ends.  Are you at peace, do you resist, even if you know that the end will come no matter what you do.

At the end of…

ending emotions

May 10

Dark ignorance

An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it. ~JAMES MICHENER

Humans are emotional beings, they act, react, interact based on their emotions. It is a true accomplishment to control your own emotions, to change them, or simply to ignore their existence. But what if you manage to do that, what do you become? a robot?

In my opinion every emotion, no matter how good or bad you find it, is good to be felt and experienced at the highest intensity possible. But for some it is easier to think “whatever” and be ignorant.

My state of mind on Sunday afternoon:

Dark Ignorance

May 10

Fade out

On a trip to the mountains, in a very emotional moment I’ve managed to catch this image.

Fade Out

Click for a larger preview

Life is a repetitive string of moments and our power lies in how we act in these moments.

Apr 10

Creative mindset

Everybody knows it, it’s that time when everything around is driving you to make something creative. This feeling comes on different times especially when one is happy and contempt. Some may even suggest practicing creative habits for improving the appearance of this mindset.

Often it is happiness and success that brings a creative mindset to other people. For me the creative mindset comes when I am really suffering, when I’m in pain and when I feel that everything is crashing around me. When everything goes wrong creativity takes over and helps me express these feelings in some way. With the help of my feelings I often capture dramatic images that come up in various forms and shapes in the open world.

At some point, I feel that I become one with the nature and everything around me is a mirror to my soul, exactly what I feel in that moment starts to materialize itself. Then I immortalize my own feelings and observe them with high consciousness. At this moment, peace starts to settle, I manage to calm down and to be in the present moment.

Here are some pictures taken in March, on my trip to Paris, when I went through an emotional rollercoaster, being away from all the things that I love in this life. Now I begin to understand how much one can suffer when all the things that he values in life and about life have to disappear.

Louvre After Sunset

Window Light

Clouds above Eiffel

Sunset in Paris