August, 2018

Aug 18

Low cost design can be simple and beautiful

The best example for this statement is the new Terminal 3 at Narrita International Airport (NAA) in Japan, designed by the Japanese architecture studio Nikken Sekkei for low-cost carriers.
It’s cheap, simple, minimal, very functional and has good quality.

To cut costs, the designers chose to leave out the standard moving walkways and illuminated signs. As a replacement they opted for more impacting visual cues, like the color-coded running tracks which help not only with finding your way but also provide a comfortable walking surface. Accompanied by icons showing the direction, approximate distance and function the blue pathways are designed for departures and the red for arrivals.

The traditional seats at the gate lounges were replaced by sofa benches and natural oak tables and chairs in the food court. Muji is responsible for the beautiful furniture at Terminal 3.