April, 2010

Apr 10

Art and suffering

Other artists express their feelings through a different kind of art. I will give the best example that i know. Let’s take James Zabiela, he is a great Dj and producer, well known worldwide. He and his girlfriend are together since long time ago, although Zabiela suffers when he has to go away on his trips to play throughout the world. These feelings about the human kind, about how unconscious some of us may be are expressed very well through his Renaissance Masters Series. On a subliminal level he tries to bring consciousness in our lives and to make us realize that life is beautiful, even though one must suffer to succeed on a different level. Although he goes away to do what he loves to do, he is sad for having to leave love behind. With his mixes he tells a story and like every story this can be interpreted. At some level I can find myself and my story in his music.

He recently released the new Masters Series Mix which contains two CD’s entitled very suggestive: A Life Less Ordinary and Afterlife.

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Apr 10

Creative mindset

Everybody knows it, it’s that time when everything around is driving you to make something creative. This feeling comes on different times especially when one is happy and contempt. Some may even suggest practicing creative habits for improving the appearance of this mindset.

Often it is happiness and success that brings a creative mindset to other people. For me the creative mindset comes when I am really suffering, when I’m in pain and when I feel that everything is crashing around me. When everything goes wrong creativity takes over and helps me express these feelings in some way. With the help of my feelings I often capture dramatic images that come up in various forms and shapes in the open world.

At some point, I feel that I become one with the nature and everything around me is a mirror to my soul, exactly what I feel in that moment starts to materialize itself. Then I immortalize my own feelings and observe them with high consciousness. At this moment, peace starts to settle, I manage to calm down and to be in the present moment.

Here are some pictures taken in March, on my trip to Paris, when I went through an emotional rollercoaster, being away from all the things that I love in this life. Now I begin to understand how much one can suffer when all the things that he values in life and about life have to disappear.

Louvre After Sunset

Window Light

Clouds above Eiffel

Sunset in Paris

Apr 10


Just imagine… what life could be like.

Beautiful footage shot for BBC documentary ‘South Pacific’, Episode ‘Ocean Of Islands’.
Music: Steen Thottrup – If You Were Here Tonight, Cafe Del Mar Album, Vol. XVI 2009