January, 2010

Jan 10

A proper start

After a long debate about how I would use this domain (showcase.ro) I just came to the conclusion that writing about my passion in design is the best way to go. I had different ideas on how I will make this a successful blog, but than I realized that success is not my goal. In the first place showcase was bought with the intend in mind to make a site where people can submit interesting events or partys in the clubbing scene and also vote and comment on the posts of the other people. I dropped this idea when I realized that I had no time to develop a platform (cms) like this. Next I made a simple tumblr website where I posted some events that I found interesting in the town where I lived. This wasn’t a win-win solution since the audience couldn’t interact. After that I started a blog and hoped to write a good review for every party that I attended, but as you can say until now, I am no journalist and don’t know how to write by the book, good and structed articles, so bear with me, I will try my best.

Now I want to start this new blog where you will find useful information from various domains like: Architecture, Fonts & Typography, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design and things that I find interesting on the web. The way that I want to proceed with this blog is to make a notebook of interesting ressources that are useful to me and anyone else that appreciates the same things. I want to keep things minimal and functional, without many widgets and all the things that clutter other sites. Sometimes I can go to extremes with this habit and regarding this problem please notice me of anything that you think it is missing and would be useful.

My goal is to be satisfied with what I do and share with the world the things that I appreciate the most. I will make this blog a mind map for myself and for anyone that has the same point of view. A lot of bloggers intend to make money with their blogs, gain higher page rank and good results in the search engines, join affiliate sites and so on. I consider that this approach has a bad influence on the content and the true purpose of blogging.

In the near future I plan to design my own (first) wordpress theme specially made for this site.